Preparation PA (PrepPA) is Pennsylvania’s only non-profit charitable organization that provides preemptive disaster preparedness training, services and supplies.




To lessen the burden on the community and all levels of Government during an unexpected event by providing preemptive disaster preparedness training, services and supplies to communities, businesses and schools.



  • Inform the community, businesses and schools about the different types of emergencies and appropriate responses.
  • Educate and assist the local community in creating and maintaining a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and American Red Cross suggested 3-day preparedness plan with supplies.
  • Assist businesses and schools in assembling a disaster plan and preparedness kits.
  • Provide access to lower cost food and supplies than available in outdoor and super stores.
  • Research and test feasibility of new technology and supplies available for disaster preparedness.
  • Provide group training opportunities to promote self-sufficiency during a disaster or emergency situation extending beyond a 3-day timeframe.

Keys to Success


  • Building a strong support base with the public sector and within all levels of Government.
  • Creating an effective network with other non-profit organizations and Government officials to facilitate cross-disciplinary contact.
  • Establish a donation network of local growers, retailers, wholesalers, and processors in Lebanon County.