Established in 1966, Halcyon Activity Center is dedicated to holistic recovery which encourages empowerment and hope to enrich the lives of its participants so they may attain mental, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional well-being as they take charge of their lives and trust in themselves through the support of their peers and community.  Click here to download our brochure.

Membership at the Halcyon Activity Center is open to persons who:

  1. Are 18 years of age or older and reside in Lebanon County.
  2. Have been diagnosed as having mental illness or a mental illness and developmental or cognitive disorder.
  3. Are authorized for services by the Lebanon County MH-ID-EI Program.

Persons who do not meet these criteria and wish to be considered for membership should contact the Halcyon office.

There is no fee for membership in Halcyon Activity Center or for most activities which take place at our center. For activities that take place at community venues, members are expected to pay their own expenses.

Mission Statement

Halcyon Activity Center, Inc. is a consumer-directed, values-driven program that promotes independent and inter-dependent participation in living everyday lives in the community through the development of individual strengths and natural supports.

What is Psychosocial Rehabilitation?

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) is the process that provides persons with disabilities opportunities for active involvement in the development of the physical, emotional, and intellectual skills that are necessary to meet their social, residential, and vocational needs in the community. The goal of PSR is to allow a person to become a participant in the community of their choice, enjoying the activities that most of us take for granted, using natural support systems with the least amount of assistance from human service professionals.

Employment Opportunities

No current offerings available.